Staff Information

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Administration and Office Staff
Deanna Rutter Principal 6405
Barbara Vreeland Assistant Principal 6413
Rita Gray Admin. Assistant 6402
Jeannine Chomyn Clerk 6403
Daniella Gorman Nurse 6411
Cathy DeCou Health Aide 6411
Transitional Kindergarten
Emily Bucago Transitional Kindergarten 6419
Marianne Nylen TK-2nd/Ed Specialist 6432
Ali McKim Kindergarten 6427
Nikki Graham Kindergarten 6427
Julie James Kindergarten 6446
Renee Plate Kindergarten 6446
First Grade
Jillian Martinez 1st Grade 6414
Christina Austin 1st Grade 6420
Laura Orlandi 1st Grade 6447
Tani Robinson 1st Grade 6422
Second Grade
Erin Bushlow 2nd Grade 6431
Chelsea Favaro 2nd Grade 6442
Kim Howell 2nd Grade 6443
Linda Pape 2nd Grade 6444
Third Grade
Lynn Burrill 3rd Grade 6432
Megan Cruz 3rd Grade 6441
Esthela Emadi 3rd Grade 6438
Cynthia Martinez 3rd Grade 6423
Megumi Yee 3rd Grade 6432
Fourth Grade
Janelle Cabral 4th Grade 6439
Kristin Farnsworth 4th Grade 8538
Lauren Helvajian 4th Grade 6448
Elizabeth Eldridge 4th Grade 6437
Cindy Goebels 3rd-4th Grade/Ed Specialist 6406
Fifth Grade
Judy Crane 5th Grade 6433
Paula Haboian 5th Grade 6430
Brianne Gallagher 5th Grade 6436
Allison Lamb 5th Grade 6445
Sixth Grade
Kristy Chao 6th Grade 6426
Nancy Maguire 6th Grade 6428
Sara Noebel 6th Grade 6429
Emily Kong 6th Grade 6424
Alexandra Gong 6th Grade/Ed Specialist 6434
Fine Arts, Music, Science
Annette Shoemaker Science 6430
Randi Druz Art 6400
Laura Schultz Primary Music 6400
Marilyn Perona Music 2050
Liz Rohrs Music 6400
Karen Sposato Music 6400
Support Staff
Kalyn Boldrin Psychologist 6412
Courtney Smith Speech & Language 3413
Nahal Parsangi

Speech & Language

Katie Aldama Guidance Resources 6421
Annie Liuzzi Occupational Therapist 8541
Vanessa Sanchez Food Services 6410
Salma Azmi Instructional Assistant 6400
Tiaca Carter Instructional Assistant 6400
Pinky Dutta Instructional Assistant 6400
Juanita Godinez-Garey Instructional Assistant 6400
Melissa Goldstein Instructional Assistant 6400
Becky Hughes Instructional Assistant 6400
Hugo Magana Instructional Assistant 6400
James Miller Instructional Assistant 6400
Tracy Miller Instructional Assistant 6400
Shiera Pelton Instructional Assistant 6400
Hema Raj Instructional Assistant 6400
Nazy Rashidi Instructional Assistant 6400
Ann Shimizu Instructional Assistant 6400
Tracy Watson Instructional Assistant 6400
Ingrid Green Librarian 6415
Kamy Tse-Wong LAN 6400
Nicole Brinkman Media Tech 8540
Lonnie Bremby Head Custodian 6400


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