"That which cannot be spoken can be sung; that which cannot be be sung can be danced."

- Old French saying

Dancing is an experience in movement. Whether accompanied by words, music, sounds, or silence, bodily movement represents an important means of expression. Dance embodies control, perception, flexibility, and rhythm along with an awareness of one’s movements within an environment and in combination with other
dancers. When controlled, shaped, and elaborated, movements produce dance. As students define, embellish, pattern, exaggerate, repeat, and coordinate their ordinary bodily movements with other movements and gestures, they become more skillful in dancing. Those experiences help to transform the students into purposeful, expressive beings.

The IUSD Dance Program aims to instill artistic perception and creative expression in all of our students. Our comprehensive high schools offer classes in dance from beginning to the advanced levels that train students to analyze and critique the aesthetic value of works of dance. These courses teach the theory and practice of choreography, emphasizing dance techniques used in jazz, ballet, and modern dance. Through their performances, group and individual dance projects and improvisation, students develop their capacity to solve problems, communicate, and manage their time and resources, building lifelong learning skills they can use in their dance careers and beyond.

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