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Our Staff


Christine Amoroso

christineamoroso@iusd.org (949) 936-6300
Office Staff
Amy Naples Amynaples@iusd.org (949) 936-6312
Debbie Kyes debbiekyes@iusd.org (949) 936-6302
Admin. Assistant
Stacy Sundstrom Stacysundstrom@iusd.org (949) 936-6303
Stephanie Rodriguez Stephanierodriguez@iusd.org (949) 936-6312
Dianne Tanger diannetanger@iusd.org (949) 936-6311
Health Clerk
Transitional Kindergarten
Marla Weingart marlaweingart@iusd.org (949) 936-6320
Nancy Chisholm nancychisholm@iusd.org (949) 936-6341
Chris Kato-Goto chriskatogoto@iusd.org (949) 936-6340
Alice Shin aliceshin@iusd.org (949) 936-6348
1st Grade
Cathy Anderson cathyanderson@iusd.org (949) 936-6325
Margaret Martelle margaretmartelle@iusd.org (949) 936-6326
Kelly Vu Kellyvu@iusd.org
2nd Grade
Danielle Stone daniellestone@iusd.org (949) 936-6344
Nancy Swanson nancyswanson@iusd.org (949) 936-6324
3rd Grade
Diane Allen dianeallen@iusd.org (949) 936-6332
Brittany Beamer brittanybeamer@iusd.org (949) 936-6338
Daniela Smith danielasmith@iusd.org (949) 936-6336
4th Grade
Nancy Asnon nancyasnon@iusd.org (949) 936-6337
Lauren Brancky


(949) 936-6343
Tammy Welch tammywelch@iusd.org (949) 936-6335
5th Grade
Diana Patterson dianapatterson@iusd.org (949) 936-6334
Pam Sato pamelasatosia@iusd.org (949) 936-6328
Margot Tyson margottyson@iusd.org (949) 936-6345
Tammy Welch tammywelch@iusd.org (949) 936-6335
6th Grade
Barbara Cone barbaracone@iusd.org (949) 936-6331
Kelly Montplaisir kellymontplaisir@iusd.org (949) 936-6333
Margot Tyson margottyson@iusd.org (949) 936-6345
Education Specialists
Denise Allen deniseallen@iusd.org (949) 936-6327
Education Specialist
Patty Hanes patriciahanes@iusd.org (949)936-6329
Education Specialist
Kay Townsend kaytownsend@iusd.org (949) 936-6330
Speech Therapist
Sheri Bilewitz sheribilewitz@iusd.org (949) 936-6314
Holly Robertson HollyRobertson@iusd.org
Dione McCrea DioneMcCrea@iusd.org
Adaptive PE
Breanna Steinweg breannasteinweg@iusd.org (949) 936-6314
Occupational Therapist
Lauren Mock LaurenMock@iusd.org
Tania Van Straalen TaniaVanStraalen@iusd.org
Music Specialists
Holly Held HollyHeld@iusd.org Primary Music
Marilyn Perona marilynperona@iusd.org (949) 936 5000
Music -Vocal
Elizabeth Rohrs elizabethrohrs@iusd.org

Music - Strings Website

Karen Sposato karensposato@iusd.org (949) 936-5080
Music - Wind
Specialists - Science and Art
Grace Linfield GraceLinfield@iusd.org  
4th Grade Science
Everett Yee everettyee@iusd.org (949) 936-6342

Randi Druz

Instructional Support Staff
Maha Alhafidh mahaalhafidh@iusd.org
Carrie Anderson carrieanderson@iusd.org
Gwen Beltran gwenbeltran@iusd.org
Jamie Buffkin JamieBuffkin@iusd.org    
Laurie Chapman lauriechapman@iusd.org
Elizabeth Cortez ElizabethCortez@iusd.org
Amber Goff AmberGoff@iusd.org    
Dipti Gohil deeptigohil@iusd.org
Kay Hicks kayhicks@iusd.org
Kristina Hoffman kristinahoffman@iusd.org
Farah Kordani FarahKordani@iusd.org    
Ann Larson annlarson@iusd.org
Dorie Mattson      
Kathryn Mohrwood KathrynMorwood@iusd.org
Susie Motooka susiemotooka@iusd.org
Evy O'Gay evelynogay@iusd.org
Berna Ogut BernaOgut@iusd.org    
Henry Pacheco HenryPacheco@iusd.org    
Lien Pham lienpham@iusd.org
Ayako Plunkett ayakoplunkett@iusd.org
Rosa Rosenstein rosarosenstein@iusd.org
Jennifer Silveri jennifersilveri@iusd.org
Vanessa Serna VanessaSerna@iusd.org    
Sheetal Siroya sheetalsiroya@iusd.org
Linda Yeoman LindaYeoman@iusd.org
Samantha Lutz samanthalutz@iusd.org (949) 936-6711
Dianne Tanger diannetanger@iusd.org (949) 936-6711
Health Clerk



Ricardo Orozco ricardoorozco@iusd.org (949) 936 6316
Huesun Osman huesunosman@iusd.org (949) 936 6316
Night Custodian
Randy Rangel RandyRangel@iusd.org  
PT Custodian



Maggie Sampang magnoliasampang@iusd.org (949) 936-6310


Media / IT Specialists

Janet Wykert janetwykert@iusd.org (949) 936-6315
Carrie F. Bajak carriefinleybajak@iusd.org (949) 936-6323
Media Tech
Kamy Tse KamyTseWong@iusd.org
LAN Admin
Russell Newberg RussellNewberg@iusd.org    


PE Paraprofessional

Warren Matthews WarrenMatthews@iusd.org    

University Park is home to two district programs, the English Language Newcomer Program and the Special Education Mild to Moderate Program.