Principal's Message


February 21, 2018


Dear Turtle Rock Community,

We were deeply saddened about the tragedy in Parkland, Florida .  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the students, families and staff at Douglas High School and Broward County Schools.  Tragedies like this bring up a variety of emotions and concerns.  As we reflect on this event, we also reflect on our own safety processes and procedures. 

Please know that the safety and well-being of our students and staff is our top priority. While your child is in our care, we do all we can to provide a safe learning environment. All IUSD school sites and District facilities have safety plans in place, which are updated annually and as needed throughout the year.  Safety plans are reviewed and updated in collaboration with the Irvine Police Department, including School Resource Officers, and other local emergency responders.  

Additionally, our school regularly conducts safety drills with students and staff to prepare for a variety of potential situations. Drills include procedures for lockdowns; shelter in place; run, hide and act; and earthquake and fire procedures.  We have also implemented the Raptor volunteer and visitor screening system, which provides real-time and up-to-date background checks on all visitors, including checks against county, state and the national sex offender’s registry.

Our school and District efforts are also supported by our tremendous partnership with the Irvine Police Department.  IPD works collaboratively with the District on a daily basis related to all aspects of school safety, including threat assessments, student and staff trainings, and site-specific response planning.

For more detailed information about student and campus safety, please visit, which provides information about IUSD safety initiatives, mental health and wellness resources, and information about what students and families can do to work with us in keeping our students and schools safe. 

Embedded in this web resource is how to how to Stay Connected to IUSD in the event of an emergency.  In the case of an emergency at our school, we send information by email, voicemail and text messages.  You should also check or IUSD social media sites for real-time updates.  This and other related information can be found on our Stay Connected to IUSD webpage.


We know that students process tragedies and grief differently, below are links to resources that may be helpful talking about this with your child in an age appropriate manner.  Please contact our front office if you feel your child needs support now or in the coming weeks and we will connect you with the appropriate support staff and other resources.



Finally, we ask for your support in reminding students to please take all drills seriously, follow law enforcement, teacher and site administrator instructions, and if they see something, say something - it is one of the best deterrents to potentially harmful situations. We want everyone on our campus, including parents and guardians to be empowered to report any unusual or suspicious activity. 

By working together, we can provide students a safe and healthy learning environment where they can focus and thrive.  Thank you for your continued support.




Mr. Stonebarger


Turtle Rock Elementary