Some teachers have created classroom websites. The website link is denoted in blue text in the "Grade" column.

Clicking the email address will open your default mail program thus enabling you to communicate with the teacher via email.


Email Address

Rm. Phone #


Transitional Kindergarten

Angie Baker (A.M.) AngieBaker@iusd.org 949-936-6082  
Jennifer Herman P.M.) JenniferHerman@iusd.org 949-936-6082  


Bronwyn Hewitt (A.M.) BronwynHewitt@iusd.org 949-936-6081  
Mary Lenz (P.M.) MaryLenz@iusd.org 949-936-6081 Class Website

Primary Teachers

Natalie Eckes

949-936-6083 1st Grade
Kathy Covington KathyCovington@iusd.org 949-936-6086 1st Grade
Mary Hessler MaryHessler@iusd.org 949-936-6088 2nd Grade
Shelly Bell ShellyBell@iusd.org 949-936-6095 2nd Grade
Anna Lai AnnaLai@iusd.org 949-936-6090 3rd Grade
Karen Pankow KarenPankow@iusd.org 949-936-6089 3rd Grade

Upper Grade Teachers

Robyn Beeson RobynBeeson@iusd.org 949-936-6070 4th Grade
Ashley Campos AshleyEdwards@iusd.org 949-936-6072 4th Grade
Kelly Kallas KellyBaker@iusd.org 949-936-6076 5th Grade
Michelle Crawford MichelleCrawford@iusd.org 949-936-6074 5th Grade
Stephanie Walter StephanieWalter@iusd.org 949-936-6073 6th Grade
Kim Anthony
KimAnthony@iusd.org 949-936-6079 6th Grade
Kyle Dugan
KyleDugan@iusd.org 949-936-6080 6th Grade

Montessori Teachers

Ruthy Fong Loi RuthyFongLoi@iusd.org 949-936-6085 1st Grade
Anu Giridhar AnuGiridhar@iusd.org 949-936-6087 2-3 Combo
Sandra Durand SandraDurand@iusd.org


2-3 Combo
Deegie Phelps DeegiePhelps@iusd.org 949-936-6071 4-5-6 Combo

Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) Teachers

Tracy Jankowski TracyJankowski@iusd.org 949-936-6077 TK-K-1 Combo
Taryn Patton TarynPatton@iusd.org 949-936-6093 2-3-4 Combo
Angela Suh AngelaSuh@iusd.org 949-936-6078 4-5-6 Combo


Patty Sims PatriciaSims@iusd.org 949-936-6063 Teacher: Education Specialist
Tania Van Straalen TaniaVanStraalen@iusd.org 949-936-6092 Specialist: Elementary Counseling

Speech & Language Therapists

Jennifer Cao JenniferCao@iusd.org 949-936-6069 Speech and Language
Linda Hill LindaHill@iusd.org 949-936-6069 Speech and Language


Grace Linfield
GraceLinfield@iusd.org 949-936-6093 4-5-6 Grades
Science Website


Elizabeth Rohrs ElizabethRohrs@iusd.org 949-936-2073 (Mon & Wed)
Strings Website
Karen Sposato KarenSposato@iusd.org 949-936-2050 (Mon & Wed)
Winds Website
Marilyn Perona MarilynPerona@iusd.org 949-936-2056 Vocal
(Mon & Wed)
Adrienne Larsen
Quiana Arguelles
949-936-6394 Primary Music


Allison Matthews AllisonMatthews@iusd.org   4-5-6 Grades