Online Textbook Support


Please click the links below each topic for grade level online textbooks or resources. Classroom teachers will provide usernames and passwords for the links.

Language Arts


Grades K - 6


Access your Language Arts textbook(s) through your Clever account

STMath (TK Only!)

Grades K-1
My Math (Canvas)

  1. Login as student using your computer login username and password
  2. In your Canvas Course, in the navigation column, towards the bottom, click on "ConnectED" to get to the online material.

Grades 2-5


Access Math textbooks through your Clever account

First In Math (Grades 3-5)
First in Math

Grade 6
SpringBoard Math


  1. Click the link above and login to your Clever account using your Google Account for Education username ( and password.
  2. Click on the button for "Springboard Math"



Social Studies

Grades 4 - 5
McMillan/McGraw Hill Science

4th Grade Username: casci04
5th Grade Username: casci05
Ask your teacher for the password for both grades.

Internet Explorer is the recommended viewing option for this website (must allow pop-ups). While different browsers are constantly updating, the PDF format of the textbook is not. iOS (Apple) operating systems are not compatible with this version.

Grades 1 - 5
Harcourt Social Science

Ask your teacher for Username/Password

Grades K-5
(formerly Scott Foresman Social Science
Pearson Online Learning Exchange

Username: Same as your Network Login
Password: Ask your teacher


Grade 6


Access your science textbook through your Canvas account

McDougal Little Ancient Civilizations
Grade 6

McDougal Little Classzone

  1. Click the link above.
  2. At the top of the screen, look for Returning Users.
  3. Username: irvinestudentss
  4. Password: ask your teacher for the password
  5. Under eServices You Use, click on World History Ancient Civilizations eEdition (Ancient Civilization course)
  6. Click on the Tab titled Book to see links to each chapter