Online Math Games

There are three math games that Springbrook students can play at home to improve math skills and fluency.


Created by MIND Research Institute, ST Math is game-based instructional software for K-12 and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning. Integrating with classroom instruction, ST Math incorporates the latest research in learning and the brain and promotes mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding. The ST Math software games use interactive, graphically-rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.

Whether in the classroom, computer lab or at home, learning never stops with ST Math. 

Students who have completed their Password Training at school can use STMath at home this summer. The Parent Letter for Home Use outlines simple steps to install the program on various devices including PCs and tablets -- both Apple and Android.

JiJi STMath Logon

JiJi is the beloved penguin in the ST Math software games. Children help JiJi get past obstacles by solving math puzzles – and they associate JiJi with challenge, learning and the thrill of success. Every time a child demonstrates understanding of a math concept, JiJi crosses the screen, signaling success and leading the student to the next more challenging puzzle.


First in Math

First In Math Link to First In Math Website
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Springbrook School has enrolled students, grades 3 - 6, in the online First in Math program that offers math skill practice activities. Each student has received their username/password at school. The levels for practice are driven by the student. They choose what they want to do, but they must pass a level before they try a harder game.  This program has been proven to help increase test scores nationwide. Students can access this program from the Springbrook Website by clicking on “Curriculum and Instruction” and then “Website Resources”.