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Heidi Martasian Modern World History, Sheltered Modern World History (949) 936-8331 HeidiMartasian@iusd.org  
Jon Resendez Modern World History, Honors Modern World History (949) 936-8330 JonResendez@iusd.org * Department Chair
Natasha Schottland Modern World History, Honors Modern World History (949) 936-8332 NatashaSchottland@iusd.org  


The Portola High School Social Studies Department works to instill the knowledge, literacy skills, intellectual courage and empathy that is essential for all students to develop into effective 21st century citizens.

We are founded on the following beliefs...

That knowledge of self and others creates the opportunity for a better future for all.

That effective participation in their own learning program produces growth in all students.

That providing access to dynamic instructional strategies, which help all learners access our curriculum, is as important as the curriculum itself.

A comprehensive historical, cultural, and social science program delivered by a passionate and caring group of teacher-scholars, the likes of which we pledge to deliver, has the power to improve our school, our local community and the world. As a department we strive to work with all disciplines and programs on campus to deliver to our learners the most balanced and relevant citizenship development experience we can envision.



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