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Teacher Courses Email  
Sarah Dean Math 1, Math II SarahDean@iusd.org  
Shelley Godett Enhanced Math III, H Precalculus, CoTeach Math I ShelleyGodett@iusd.org *Department Chair
Eric Graham Math II, Math III, Enhanced Math III EricGraham@iusd.org  
Crystal Le Math II, CrystalLe@iusd.org  
Kelli Moline Math I, Math II KelliMoline@iusd.org  
Diana Vedder CoTeach Math 1, Math II DianaVedder@iusd.org  


Math Department Mission Statement
In order to ensure the highest quality mathematics education for every student the Mathematics Department recognizes that curriculum, instruction, and assessment are dynamic, intellectually challenging, and attentive to the diverse needs of students.
Teachers foster the development of problem solving and reasoning skills through the use of mathematical models and multiple representations (e.g., numerical, visual, graphical, algebraic, and verbal).
Teachers make appropriate decisions about the use of technology to enhance instruction and learning of mathematical concepts and proficiencies.



Students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate and apply skills, knowledge, and understanding in a variety of formats.



Students recognize and celebrate error as a critical part of the learning process.

Teachers continuously evaluate and revise curriculum to ensure mathematical ideas are connected and integrated across courses and between levels.
Teachers select and implement mathematical tasks to engage students’ interest and intellect.
The Mathematics Department establishes high expectations for all students and provides the support required to help them meet those expectations.



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