Phonemic Awareness Activities For 6-7 Year Olds


Guidelines for Use of Following Activities

Attached you will find a "developmental" list of activities to reinforce what is happening in your child's classroom. We hope this is a positive and fun one-on-one time with your child.

These activities are intended to be done orally and for short periods of time (5-7 min.) repeatedly in every day life. Examples: in the car, in the bath, waiting for appointments, car wash, in line, etc...


Sample word list:

book—cook tree—flea try—fly two—blue
tea—bee pot—hot wall—wall play—day


Parent: "Rat, men, hat"

Child: "Men"

Sample Word List


Blending and Segmenting Words

Initial sounds

Parent says, "Start with "l", add "unch". What's the word?"

Child: "lunch"

Parent: "Start with "s" and add "andwich". What's the word?"

Child: "sandwich"

Final sounds

Parent: "Start with "superma", add an "n" sound. What's the word?"

Child: "Superman"

Parent: "Start with "stam", add a "p" sound. What's the word?"

Child: "Stamp"

Continue above activities with any familiar words.

Middle Sounds

Parent says three words with same middle vowel sound.

Parent: "Teeth, cheek, deep. What sound do you hear in the middle?"

Child: "ee"

Continue activity with different vowel sounds.

Sample word list:

sack—mack—tack heat—seam—meal hop—mom—pot dock—lot--Tom
sank—tank—thank comb—poke—wrote hen—yell—pet hill—tick—sip

Whole Word (from part to whole)

Parent gives child one syllable word to blend, one sound at a time.

Parent: "B...i...g". What's the word?"

Child: "big"

Parent: "S...t...o...p". What's the word?"

Child: "stop"

Helpful Hint: A great time to accomplish this task is in your car. You can read street signs and other print that you may come across.

Whole Word (from whole to part/phonetic spelling awareness)

Parent says entire word: "Big"

Child says each individual sound: "B...i...g"

Sample word list (any words will work)

nest sand mop when
top rat game rug

"Change the Name Game":

Parent: "Say 'man'"

Child: "man."

Parent: "Say it again, but this time say 't' instead of 'm'."

Child: "tan"

Parent uses word families to continue playing game substituting beginning, sounds to make new words. See attached list of word families for more practice.

*Also revisit activities on Phonemic Awareness Activities For 4-5-6 Year Olds list.