Resources for Caring People


Coping with a Life Threatening Illness


Have you ever had a student who had a life threatening illness or perhaps

one who died during the school year?

Are you facing caring for an aging parent?

Are you wondering about advance directives?

We hope this website will be a resource for anyone dealing with life threatening illness. Whether for a student, parent or oneself, it is a daunting task to find the appropriate information.

Promises To Keep





1. Good Medical Treatment:

You will have the best of medical treatment, aiming to prevent

exacerbation, improve function & survival and ensure comfort.

2. Never Overwhelmed By Symptoms:

You will never have to endure overwhelming pain, shortness of

breath, or other symptoms.

3. Continuity, Coordination, &Comprehensiveness:

Your care will be continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated.

4. Well prepared, No Surprises:

You and your family will be prepared for everything that is

likely to happen in the course of your illness.

5. Customized Care, Respecting Your Preferences:

Your wishes will be sought and respected, and whenever

possible, followed.

6. Use Of Patient &Family Resources:

We will help you consider your personal and financial resources

and will respect your choices about using those resources.

7. Make The Best Of Every Day:

You and your family will have the opportunity to make the

best of every day.

Start The Conversation With Your

Physician With The Following



1. Good Medical Treatment:

What are the goals of my medical treatment? Will my

Treatment delay the progression of my disease, improve

function and quality of life, and ensure comfort?

2. Never Overwhelmed By Symptoms:

How will you effectively control any symptoms like pain,

confusion, restlessness, and shortness of breath?

Are you willing to use sedation,

if necessary, to relieve uncontrolled symptoms?

3. Continuity, Coordination, &Comprehensiveness:

If I need hospice, a nursing home or homecare, how will you

continue to be actively involved in my care?

4. Well Prepared, No Surprises:

How will you keep my family and me informed about what we

need to know as my illness progresses so that we can be


6. Customized Care, Reflecting Your Preferences:

Given my advance directives, can you personally support

my wishes?

6. Use of Patient &Family Resources:

How will you let us know what our options are and will you

abide by our choices?

7. Make The Best Of Every Day:

How will you help my family and me make the most of


Published by: The San Diego County Coalition For Improving End-Of-Life Care

P.O. Box 83355, San Diego CA 92138-83355 (800) 393-0032

These materials were:

Prepared by:

Bev Huff, IUSD Assessment Coordinator, Retired

Michelle Jansen Paolilli, IUSD Media Specialist, Retired

Reviewed by:

IUSD Nurses, Psychologists, Administrators, Teachers