Social Studies

50 States

50 States State Abbreviations
All 50 American State Website Link State Capital (Quiz)
Do you know your USA Geography (Quiz) US
Geography Games United States Map Puzzle

Ancient World History

Ancient Egypt Site Ancient Israel -
Ancient Egypt - The British Museum Ancient Israelite History
Ancient Greece Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Ancient Greece - History for Kids History of China
Ancient India - The British Museum History of China: Table of Contents

California Missions

(Info & great for photos of missions)

Mission Art

(great for photos of missions, some history)

California Missions

(A Virtual Tour)

The Spanish Missions in California
California Missions Welcome to the California Missions

California Mission Internet Trail

California Gold Rush

Gold Rush Adventure The California Gold Rush
Gold Rush  

California / Orange County

AtoZkidsStuff (California) The History of Orange County, CA (OCThen)
City of Irvine
County of Orange, CA Visit California (California History)


Explorers Spanish Explorers
Kid Info - Explorers

Famous People

Abraham Lincoln (quiz)

Helen Keller Kids Museum Online

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline Thomas Jefferson (quiz)

Native Americans

Bay Miwok Four Directions Institute (Cahuilla Tribe)
California Indians and their reservations (San Diego State University) Hupa Tribal Culture
Cahuilla (San Diego Historical Society) Hupa Indian Tribe
Cahuilla Native Americans Hoopa Valley Tribal Museum
Chumash History Santa Barbara Natural History Museum - Chumash
Chumash Indians Think Quest (Miwok History)
Cultures of North America Virtual Tour of Missions (Chumash)

Social Studies

CIA World Fact Book Scott Foresman Social Studies  

U.S. Government

PBS Kids Democracy Project The White House (kids page)
U.S. Congress (kids page) The White House-Tour
U.S. Government (kids page)

U.S. History

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad National Geographic's The Underground Railroad

World Geography Geography USA Geography (states, capitals, Landscapes)

World Atlas

Quick Map of the World