Supply Lists

Supplies 2017-2018

Below you will find two supply lists for the 2017-2018 school year. The school will provide a “shared version” of the items found under the List One option below.  These items will be available for every student to share in the appropriate classroom.  Items on the List Two option below are optional supplies that will help support classroom learning.


List One Option – Recommended

You have the option of sending any or all of these items with your child should you prefer him/her to have a set of personal supplies.  Having personal supplies is optional.

List Two Option – Wish List

Items on this list are optional supplies that will help support classroom learning, student organization, and maximize learning time, but they are not essential to the school process.  These supplies are optional

1 - 1 ½ “ three-ring binder with five dividers

Zippered supply/pencil pouch or a pencil box

Lined white paper – college rule

Crayola fine-tipped markers (12 colors)

Pencils with erasers

5 highlighters – yellow, blue, green, orange and pink

Blue, black and red ballpoint pens

2 x 1 ½”  Multiple colored Post-It notes


Mini stapler with staples
1 package of graph paper – ¼ “ Portable hole-puncher

2 single subject spiral notebooks–college rule

3 X 3” Post-It notes

Glue sticks

Colored soft folders for homework, etc.

Colored Pencils

Pencil sharpener with case to catch shavings


Calculator - Four function for Math 7, Math 8 and Enhanced Math 7/8; Scientific for Enhanced Math 1
Protractor Hard bound composition notebook for 8th grade science - Quad ruled