Spelling Bee 2018

Congratulations to Lakeside's Queen and King Bees!

Congratulations to Aarush Inamdar, Iris Shen, Jonathan Campbell, Mark Villavert and Emma Nguyen, Lakeside's top spellers at our Lakeside Bee.  They went on to compete in the 55th Annual Orange County Spelling Bee at the Orange County Department of Education.


Pictured below are our amazing spellers, Iris Shen and Emma Nguyen, who advanced from the written to the verbal round. 84 out of 131 competitors students were eliminated in the written round, so it was a significant accomplishment to advance to the verbal round this year. At the verbal round on Saturday, March 3, Emma finished in 6th place overall and Iris Shen battled out a nine-way 3rd place tie to take home the 3rd place trophy along with $75.00! 

Congratulations, Emma!

Congratulations, Iris!