Science Fair

Science Fair 2017

Kudos to the following Lakeside students who competed in the District Science Fair competition on March 28, 2017.

Sabrina Cheng, Saaraa Danish, Angelina Do, Ethan Duzman, Joseph Huynh, Samridi Iyer, David Kim, Alexis Klein, Itai Lavi, Jenna Makarem, Moell Nguyen, Elaine Noh, Srish Palima, Avery Pate, Cat Phan, Sophie Simic, Jasmine Thai, Emily Waller, Yulun Wang, Mandy Yang

Congratulations to the following winners!

Avery Pate 1st Place Catchin' Some ZZZZZ's
Ethan Duzman 2nd Place Accommodation or Learning Disability?
Noelle Nguyen 2nd Place What is the Quality of Water at Lakeside Middle School?
Sristi Palimar 2nd Place Does the Use of Greywater Have an Effect on Plant Growth?
Sabrina Cheng 3rd Place Battle of Commuinications: Emotion vs Emoji
Samridi Iyer 3rd Place The attraction of GMO products on Drosophila Melanogaster
David Kim 3rd Place The Microbial Fuel Cell
Itai Lavi 3rd Place Does Font Affect Memory?
Elaine Noh 3rd Place The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Plant Physiology
Sophie Simic 3rd Place Killer Mouthwash
Joseph Huynh 3rd Place Sunspot Apocalypse
Cat Phan 3rd Place Worth the Weight: The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Capacity
Jasmine Thai 3rd Place Wifi Shielders
Mandy Yang 3rd Place The Art of Cotton Candy