Dress Code

Lakeside Middle School students must wear clothing that is clean, in good repair (no holes above the knees), school appropriate and comfortable. Clothing and other items that students wear to school must not create any form of school disturbance. Generally, students are not to wear clothing that compromises safety and modesty.

  • Pants should be the proper size and must fit securely at the waist above the hip bone, and are not allowed to hang below the waist. Pants should also have NO holes above the knees.
  • When students stand with their arms at their sides, their shorts or skirt must extend to their fingertips.
  • Tank tops that expose the chest or stomach by side view are NOT permitted.
  • Hats are permitted to be worn during break, lunch and PE. Hats are not to be worn in classrooms.

At Lakeside students may not wear:

  1. Any clothing apparel which:
    • is considered unsafe, dangerous, or a health hazard (e.g. no chains or safety pins allowed),
    • contains offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans, or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic values,
    • contains language or symbols orientated toward violence, obscenities, double meanings, vandalism, sex, drugs, alcohol or tobacco;
  2. Any attire or grooming disruptive to the educational process which may include, but is not limited to:
    • tops or pants designed for bare midriffs, including bandeau tops,
    • halter tops, or tops with narrow shoulder straps (2" minimum strap width),
    • tank tops that expose the chest or stomach by side view,
    • tight or revealing clothing or low cut tops, including sheer tops,
    • clothing which allows underwear to be exposed, including sagging or oversized pants;
  3. Any combination of clothing which law enforcement agencies currently consider gang-related.

A student who violates Lakeside's dress code will be required to change into P.E. clothes or dress code shirt/shorts. Repeated violations of the dress code are considered defiance and will result in detention or suspension from school and/or loss of school privileges and activities.