Book Club

Lakeside Middle School Book Club 2017-2018

Book Madness: A Tournament of Books

Book Madness has arrived at Lakeside Middle School!!! A Tournament of Books is a battle royal of books, an epic rumble of reads from the Sweet Sixteen to the final book. We will award one 2018 Book of the Year. What book will be the last one standing?


What Is A Tournament Of Books?

The Tournament of Books is a reading program designed to get children excited about books and encourage students to read high-interest Young Adult literature. Book Club foremost is a place for students to talk about books with other students and to have a good time. The Tournament of Books is set up in a bracket format where books are matched up against each other and students vote for the winner. Books will compete in a single elimination until we crown The Book of the Year 2017.

How Do I Participate In Book Club?

In order to participate you must have read both books in its entirety that are matched up against each other and attend the Book Club meeting to vote. You can sign up in the Library Media Center a couple of weeks before the actual Book Club meeting. To sign up for Book Club students must have read the two books that are facing off, students are required to take an AR test with a passing percentile from booth books before the Book Club meeting. You must give both of your AR printout results to Mr. Fatzaun or Mrs. Hibbard before the Book Club meeting. In return for your AR printouts students will receive their "ticket" admission for the Book Club meeting. Meetings are held throughout the year during lunch. Pay attention to announcements and dates.

Do I Have to Sign Up For Every Meeting In Order To Attend Book Club?

Students have to sign up for the meetings that they want to attend and participate in. Students can participate as often or as little as they want. You can sign up for all Book Club meetings, only half of the Book Club meetings, or only a couple. Book Club is designed so students can participate as often or as little as they want.

How Can I Get a Copy Of The Books?

Limited copies of the books are available in the library for one-week check-out. We want to give as many students possible the opportunity to read the books. Be sure to get your copy early, and to take some notes. If it takes you longer than one week, you may want to purchase the book through the library (see Mr. Fatzaun) or a neighborhood bookseller or even better visit the Orange County Public Library (Heritage Park Library / University Park Library), it is FREE!!!!!!!! Also, visit IUSD Overdrive eBook collection.

Do not wait to the last second to read the books and take the AR test and get your tickets to attend Book Club.

How Do I Become a Book Club Leader or If You Have Any Questions About Book Club?

You can find Mr. Fatzaun in the Library Media Center or Mr. Singhi in room 220.