Academic Pentathalon 2018

Congratulations to the following 8th grade Mariners who competed and won the following medals in the 2018 Orange County Academic Pentathlon.


Arian Salehzadeh - 4th place, Language Arts & Literature

Sage Sentongo - 4th place, History


Brandon Kuromoto

Ananya Sampat - 4th place, Science - 3rd place, Fine Arts - 2nd place, History - 1st place, Math - 3rd place Individual Overall

Lauren Tsai - 4th place, History - 3rd place, Math


Tyler Kim - 4th place, History - 2nd place, Fine Arts - 2nd place, Math - 4th place, Individual Overall

Iris Shen - 2nd place, Science - 1st place, Fine Arts - 1st place, History

Colin Sueyoshi - 3rd place, History - 2nd place, Language Arts & Literature - 2nd place, Science - 1st place, Math - 2nd place Individual Overall

Alternate - Nat Cannon

Our amazing team 3rd place in Super Quiz and 3rd place Overall!

Thanks to our coaches Lauren Belcher, Bill Berry, Mike Clark, Tibor Laky, Jon Pang & Zane Pang