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ECLC uses Scholastic's Big Day for PreK in our classrooms.

The Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K Preschool instructional program is aligned with the California State Preschool Learning Foundations (2008). In addition, all instructional practice is supported by current educational research and best practices for Early Childhood Education. Our staff participates in ongoing professional development opportunities and has been trained on a variety of instructional strategies, including language, social emotional and behavioral interventions.

Big Day for PreK prepares young learners for kindergarten and beyond through intentional and engaging learning experiences grounded in the best research and teaching practices (Scholastic, 2010)

Big Day for PreK encourages students to learn, play and engage with the world around them. Instructional activities are organized into three ways of learning:

1. Big Experiences ~ Circle Time/Story Time

2. Small Group Instruction ~ Activities that build on content and provide direct, intentional literacy and mathematics

3. Learning Centers ~ Intentional play, social interaction and independent exploration

Big Day for PreK was created based on 5 Big Research Principals

1. Social-Emotional Development

2. Language Development

3. Integrated Learning

4. Responsive Instruction

5. Partnership with Families

This curriculum is interwoven with specific goals and objectives for each program and each child.

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