School Information

Suggested Supply Lists:

When shopping at Office Depot please mention Eastshore Elementary School at the check out counter. We receive 5% cash back for purchases made with our school code #70009039

Student Safety

Per Irvine Police Department recommendation, for the safety of all students, visitors, and staff exterior doors (except the front office foor) are locked during the school day. All volunteers must check in at the front office before going into classrooms. Additionally, per IUSD policy, all volunteers must have first filled out a volunteer screening form. Forms can be found below.

Volunteer Forms

IUSD Volunteer screening forms are available here. You can print it off here and bring into the office with a copy of your driver's license or we can copy it for you. You can also come into the office and we will provide a form for you there. Thank you for volunteering!

IUSD Screening Form/Board Policy

Absences from School
Please call the absence line (949) 936-5701 each day your student is absent from school.  The absence line is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Leave a message with your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Recently we have been receiving many calls on lines other than the absence line.  For record keeping purposes it is important for you to call only the absence line.

IUSD information on absences from school

Independent Study Contracts for Extended Absences

*Our school does not provide independent study contracts for vacations from school.

Teachersand/or parents may request an independent study contract for vacations/absences lasting 5 or more days. The guidelines for independent study contracts are indicated below:

- If the schoopl opts not to do an ISC, no work will be assigned to the student*.

- If a teacher assigns work, an independent study contract form must be completed and signed

prior to the student’s departure.

- If an ISC is not assigned/completed, the student’s absences will be unexcused which could result in a SARB notification.

- Parents must provide teachers at least 5 days’ notice to prepare an ISC.

- If a student goes on vacation without an ISC, the absences are unexcused. Likewise if they do not complete what is requested on an ISC, the absences are unexcused.

- A teacher cannot provide work and do the ISC after the student returns.

Independent study contracts may be negotiated between parents and the teacher with notification to the front office. Corresponding forms may be obtained in the front office.

Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Please help your student practice safe habits when arriving and leaving school by insisting they use the crosswalk at the corner of Eastshore and Woodspring. Traffic patterns are erratic and dangerous for children crossing the street. Remember, the area between the driveways is a loading area only. If you want to escort your child on campus you must park across the street or in the areas leading up to and beyond the driveway entrance and exit. Our staff is there to monitor the safety of our students and your support of this practice is greatly appreciated.

After School Procedures
Please link to the Bell Schedule for specific start and end times for each grade level. For information regarding the IUSD student supervision policy please see the following links: Eastshore "Follow the 10 -Minute Rule" flyer  Board Policy:

IUSD Community Flyers
Please see this link for community flyers. Community Flyers Online

REVISED FOOD POLICY: As has been discussed at P.T.A. meetings and in previous newsletters (October 2012), 2013 will see some changes at Eastshore with regard to food on campus.  As you may know from recent news reports, food allergies are on the rise in children.  We currently have a peanut free table to accommodate our students who have severe nut allergies and parents have been very supportive in providing alternative choices for their children with food sensitivity during class parties.  However, considering the rise in juvenile diabetes, obesity and food allergies, we will be instituting some changes to support all of our students and families.

A common tradition at our elementary schools is for families to provide treats for a child’s classmates when celebrating a birthday.  The treats often consist of unhealthy (although very tasty!) sweets which we would like to eliminate.  We still want to honor students on their special day so here are some suggestions:

  • Pencils
  • Stickers
  • Bookmarks
  • Donate a book for the classroom library
  • Post-it notes
  • Notepads
  • Inexpensive hand-held games
  • There are many items in the $1 section at Target

We understand that this will be a transition and want to express our gratitude for your understanding and support in this effort.  Please confer with your child’s teacher prior to sending anything to school for celebrations. We would also like our room parents to consider healthy snacks/treats when planning class parties whenever possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In the coming months, the Irvine Police Department and Community Services Department will continue our efforts to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety as part of the City’s Safe Routes to School Program. As we build upon these safety activities, you may see an increase of police officers on bicycles around different Irvine schools during high traffic drop-off and pick-up times. These officers will conduct safety education, enforcement and incentive activities such as giving prizes to students who are seen biking and walking using safety methods discussed at the presentations. Officers will also be enforcing traffic laws in areas surrounding the schools.The City of Irvine is excited to offer this program to enhance the safety and well-being of Irvine students and families. Safe Routes to School Link