Eastshore Elementary School


February News

February 16, 2018


We hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day-filled with love!  It is hard to believe that we are already looking ahead to 2018-2019...but we are!  It is very important for us to plan for enrollment and staffing for the upcoming year and so we kindly request your participation in completing the Residency Verification Form and the Returning to Eastshore Form as soon as possible.  As you know, our district and our particular community are both highly impacted and we want to be able to support our neighborhood families first when it comes to enrollment.  Thank you in advance for completing and submitting this documentation in a timely manner.


RESIDENCY VERIFICATION:  Residency Verification has begun! Please complete and submit documentation verifying your place of residence as soon as possible (due on March 2nd).  This process helps us plan for staffing and enrollment for the next school year (see link above).


RETURNING TO EASTSHORE:  In addition to completing Residency Verification, please find a link to a survey (above) to indicate your plans for returning to Eastshore next year.  You will need to complete the short survey for each child that will be attending our school.  This valuable information will help us plan for enrollment and staffing for the 2018-2019 school year.


PTA UPDATE:  The next P.T.A. meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd.  Please join us to catch up on the latest news!


JOG-A-THON COMING!!!  Our Annual Jog-A-Thon is coming up on March 23rd and the kick-off is Friday, March 2nd.  This is the only fundraiser conducted at Eastshore besides the pledge drive in the fall.  We encourage every family to contribute to this cause.  The proceeds come directly back to our school and benefit each and every student at Eastshore.  Be on the look-out for the pledge envelope and more information about our Jog-A-Thon!


IRVINE JUNIOR GAMES:  Calling all fourth, fifth and sixth graders!!!  Irvine Junior Games is coming in May and we are gearing up at Eastshore for our biggest team ever!  Mr. Reid Harrell, fourth grade teacher will be leading our students in practices and team building over the next few months to prepare for this outstanding track and field event.  Our dolphin mascot will be joining us once again!


Irvine Junior Games is the only IUSD event where students compete on school teams.  All students are welcome and there are many events to choose from.  The camaraderie is just amazing and it is such a fun day for our kids to join together and represent Eastshore.


Please encourage your child to register for Irvine Junior Games.  Any questions can be directed to Mr. Harrell.  The last day to register is today, February 16th!


SCIENCE FAIR REPRESENTATIVES:  Congratulations to the following sixth grade students whose Science fair projects were selected to represent at the district level.  We are so proud of their efforts!!


Natalie Miller & Kayla Hui

Melissa Wong, Priscilla Lee, Dakota Allison


Elizabeth Han, Elise Park, Ava Nishizaka


Rotem Dvir & Talya Seker Gafni


Devon Chang, Eric Feng, Daichi Hiraoka


Riley Solomon, Olivia Oshefsky


Jesse Ie, Alexis Tran, & Elise Ngo

COMPASSION, RESPECT, EMPATHY:  The staff at Eastshore is constantly working to instill these attributes in our students.  This year in particular we have noticed an increase in disrespectful behavior toward peers and adults-simply saying please, thank you and hello to one another.  As always, we strive to partner with families to provide the most positive and beneficial educational experience possible for every child at Eastshore.  Your support in maintaining these expectations for your children will help us develop compassionate, empathetic and respectful students (and future adults) who will make a difference in the world.  Thank you as always for your support and partnership in our efforts.


We’d also like to remind families that students are not to arrive at school prior to 7:50.  There is a large number of students who gather at Firwood Park at least 20-30 minutes prior to 7:50.  There is no supervision by school staff there and neighbors are reporting unsafe behavior taking place.  Additionally, after school, students are left in the park to wait for parents, unsupervised.  They sometimes return to campus, interfering with after school programs.  Please reinforce the importance of following and respecting school rules which are put into place to support the safety of all students.


IPSF UPDATE:  Please see the latest IPSF news posted on our website.


Wishing you a month full of love!




Monday, February 19                     President’s Day-No School

Friday, March 2                               Jog-A-Thon Kick-off Assemblies

                                                            Residency Verification Due