Eastshore Elementary School

May News

May 1, 2018


Apologies for the lack of a newsletter during the months of March and April.  Congratulations are in order for a very successful Jog-A-Thon and Open House!  We would also like to recognize Eastshore students who participated in the annual Honors Concert – we are very proud of you!


ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATE: Starting this week Mrs. Kadam and Mr. Gibbs will be sharing responsibilities during set days of the week.  Mr. Gibbs will be acting administrator on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs. Kadam will be on campus Wednesday through Friday.  This schedule will continue through the end of the school year.  Mrs. Kadam will resume her full time responsibilities starting July 1st.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we share responsibilities for the remainder of the year.


CAASP (SBAC) TESTING:  Our third through sixth grade students will engage in state wide testing this month.  The assessments will be administered in classrooms and students will use chromebooks to complete them.  Testing will begin on April 30th and conclude by May 11th.  Make up testing will take place May 14th through May 18th.  While it is not necessary to prepare your child for these assessments, we do recommend that they get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast on their testing days.


CONSTRUCTION IS COMING:  As you know, Measure E improvements will begin this summer and continue throughout next school year and the summer of 2019.  This will require immeasurable patience from our community!  The first stage will include closing off the drive through and exit of our driveway in order to accommodate the construction crew and their equipment.  This will occur prior to the end of school so that families and staff will be able to prepare for the impact of the closure and make plans for the fall with regard to parking, drop off and pick up.


Additionally, two 40 foot storage containers will be placed in the drive through area of the parking lot to accommodate furnishings and materials being moved out of the fourth grade wing.  Five relocatable classroom will be dropped onto the field in June – they will serve as temporary housing for the displaced classrooms.


You will receive regular updates prior to the start of school.


TRAFFIC FLOW:  It has been brought to our attention that during drop off and pick up a number of drivers do not follow traffic and parking rules.  Our teachers on duty are there to make sure students are safe in the parking lot and on school property, however they are not responsible for monitoring traffic flow or enforcing laws.  Often when staff does attempt to guide parents, they have been met with less than kind responses so they are reluctant to approach drivers unless a child is in danger.


If you witness traffic violations or other unsafe driving practices near our school, you are encouraged to contact the Irvine Police Department.  They are very responsive to citizen complaints and will come to the school and cite those who are violating traffic laws.


STAFFING: As our district grows, opportunities for IUSD employees arise.  Two members of our teaching staff will be leaving Eastshore to join the staff at Cadence Park next year.  While we are heartbroken at their departures we wish them all the best and know they will make a significant impact in their new community.  Congratulations to Ashley Estrada and Veronica O’Mara on their new assignments at Cadence Park!


Additionally, Ellen Ifft and her family will be moving to Texas as a remarkable opportunity is available to them there.  Mrs. Ifft’s last day at Eastshore will be May 1st.  We wish the Ifft family well as they, too, embark on a new adventure!


PTA UPDATE: Please join us for the next PTA meeting on May 17th.  The annual Carnival is coming up on June 1st so please be on the look out for volunteer sign ups!  We are incredibly grateful for the hard work of our PTA this year – your support allows us to maintain an outstanding program at Eastshore!



STUDENT SUPERVISION:  We understand that many families enjoy having their children play in the park after school prior to heading home.  We encourage you to make sure your child is supervised by an adult at all times.  We do not provide supervision off campus and if students are found there unattended, they are often reported to us or brought to our office.  It is our responsibility to try and contact parents for pick up and to ensure the safety of any child on campus.


IPSF UPDATE:  Please see the latest IPSF news posted on our website.




Friday, May 4                                   Dolphin Salute

Saturday, May 5                               KROC at the OC Fairgrounds

Sunday, May 6                                  Irvine Junior Games

Tuesday, May 8                                School Site Council Meeting: 2:45 p.m.

Wednesday, May 9                           Eastshore Dines Out

Thursday, May 17                             PTA Meeting

Tuesday, May 22                              Instrumental Concert@ Bethel Korean Church

Monday, May 28                              Memorial Day Holiday – No School

Friday, June 1                                    Carnival