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School Facilities Improvement Measure (Measure E)

The Irvine Unified School District has placed a School Facilities Improvement Bond Measure - Measure E on the June 2016 ballot. IUSD serves more than 32,000 students and is one of the highest performing districts in the nation. However, due to the state’s new funding formula, IUSD ranks at the bottom in per pupil funding in California. As a result, IUSD’s general fund cannot support the significant investments many of our aging facilities need without creating a significant impact on our instructional programs across the District. To learn more, click here.


The Irvine Unified School District Facilities Planning and Construction Department works collectively on a variety of projects for the District.  In addition to planning and overseeing the construction of new schools, and modernizing existing schools, the department works closely with the Education Services Department to establish enrollment projections, making recommendations for new schools, attendance boundaries, and accommodating growth at existing schools.

Our Facilities Planning and Construction staff diligently work towards identifying and delivering the best possible learning environments and support facilities for IUSD students, community, and faculty. Our daily operations and responsibilities include:

  • Identify and analyze information that documents the District’s school facilities needs
  • Plan school facilities which meet the needs of the community and its stakeholders and supports grade level articulation through the school family alignment
  • Create facilities standards throughout the District
  • Establish an ongoing planning process that best positions the District to meet ever-changing facilities needs
  • Communicate the District's facilities needs
  • Pursue all funding alternatives
  • Incorporate joint use and public use of school facilities where feasible
  • Implement design standards based on criteria developed by Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), as well as pursue partnerships with Federal, State, and Utility company programs that provide sustainable and financial incentives whenever possible

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan

The Irvine Unified School District Board of Education adopted the Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan June 5, 2012. School specific Master Plans, Education Specifications, presentations, and other useful information regarding the development of our Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan can be found below. To review the Complete Plan, please contact the Facilities Planning Department.

Executive Summary: Site Analysis and Conceptual Master Plans

For additional information on the District's Facilities Master Plan, click here.

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