School Site Council

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School Site Council Meeting

March 7, 2017

Walk Through


Minutes from March 2017 Walk Through

Minutes from January 2017

Minutes from November 1, 2016

2016-2017 Members:

School Staff: Jennifer Bollinger, Nancy Bower, Kelli Cheshire, Joann Jonescu

Community Members: Mariam Al-Kalby, Tracy Haferling, Kristina Lee, Yvonne Mansouri (Alternates: Kim Jennings, Dawn Mortazavi)

2016-2017 Future Meeting Dates:

May 2, 2017


*Approval by SSC - requires a vote

Is there a motion?                Is there a second?

We have a motion that’s been made and seconded to: (restate the motion)__

Is there any discussion?

All those in favor?            All those opposed?

Motion carried.